#ICYMI, here are some highlights of our Facebook conversations and shares in May:

  • The EBU published a report by Tim Raats about collaborations and PSM. This is an excellent text that looks at the reasons for collaboration, categorizes them and looks into their key success factors.  The report can be downloaded here (you need to create a login).
  • Maria Michalis submitted written evidence to the House of Lords inquiry into public service broadcasting in the age of video on demand (UK) has now been published. She explained the continuing significance of public service broadcasting and put forward options to address prominence and funding challenges. The suggestions draw on the revised EU policy framework and practices in other European countries. Please find her text here.
  • Marko Milosavljevic shared his insights on the Stigler Center conference on Anti-trust and competition policy and media. “Francis Fukuyama praised public broadcasting as a source of knowledge and better democracy.” Screen the conference here:

  • Public Media Alliance reported on the collaborative editorial guidelines for news reporting the trial of Brenton Tarrant, the man charged with committing the 15 March terrorist attacks in Christchurch.  The guidelines were developed by New Zealand’s Media Freedom Committee – a group of senior editors representing major outlets Radio New Zealand (RNZ), TV New Zealand (TVNZ) Mediaworks, Stuff and New Zealand Media & Entertainment (NZME). Read the story here.