About us

Welcome to The International Association of Public Media Researchers

IAPMR builds on over 20 years of scholarly activity. Previously known as the RIPE Initiative (Re-invigorating the Public Interest in Media). The Association draws together 300+ academics and industry professionals worldwide specialising in public service media for the purposes of research and innovation.

The new Association formalises and continues RIPE’s tradition of a bi-annual conference and a bi-annual Reader on the ‘off-conference’ year. Each conference is co-hosted by a University and a Public Service Broadcaster. The Reader is produced by the previous host university and published by Nordicom (https://www.nordicom.gu.se/en).

IAPMR has partnerships with the Public Media Alliance (https://www.publicmediaalliance.org/), and the Centre for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) at the Central European University (https://cmds.ceu.edu/). The Association is supported by the European Broadcasting Union (https://www.ebu.ch/home).